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What happened to me

15 feb 2014 - 5 mar 2014
  1. I argued with my dad last week and I left my home.
  2. A little girl with long blond hair, à balloon in her hand, cames on her bicycle and look at me. She was strange. Her skin was almost ... Transparent. I shived.
  3. Without any response,she straightly rode through my body.That made me dizzy.
  4. "What kind of black magic is this?!" I cried, as I fell to my knees, the dizziness slowly melting away only to be replaced by agonizing pain.
  5. Fortunately, my mummy was passing by. She even brought my teddy bear ! I crawled to her, and made her a big hug.
  6. One day I woke I found myself lying on a place that I've never been
  7. Looking around I spotted an older looking girl lying unconscious over in the corner. She looked to be about 17, with long brown hair and a gorgeous face. She began to stir as I crept towards her.
  8. But as she was stirring, I realized that behind this perfect face was hiding the most unbelievable body : a chicken body ! She had a human head, on top of a chicken body.
  9. I love her! But I am a butcher and there is a customer waiting outside...
  10. The waiting customer outside was gettimg a little anxious, sweat started running down his spine.
  11. I went over him and apologized but he was still anxious his child suddenly run away
  12. But I also told him "What a stupid kid... He acts like his dumb father. Mine would never act like that". I immediately regretted these words. Indeed, his father really did not like that, and punched me in the face.
  13. Then strange thing happens! Now my body mutated into chicken body with my human head...
  14. I began to flap my wings and my chicken feet liftet off into the air.
  15. And suddenly i woke up!.. What the hell? I asked myself...