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Two men sit in a care and discuss Their sex lives...

15 feb 2014 - 26 mar 2014
  1. One of them says
  2. That he loves his wife and his daughter, so much that
  3. He decided to slaughter them
  4. But when he raised its chainsaw above its head, Mr Superman appeared
  5. And Wonder Woman grabbed his balls and made him scream like a little girl.
  6. He shouted that those are His balls, supposed to be taken only for sunday tennis game with his dad, and no one else has permission to touch the balls cause they are almost new.
  7. "Gentlemen", the second said, "it is all not important. I think bottom is what makes sense after all."
  8. After this conversation he said let's go to the mall I will show you where I lost mi virginity. The other man was surprised and asked him if he don't lose it in a bed like every body else?
  9. He laughed and said : Well, it is interesting to lose it here, right?