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The story of the little girl who are so much that she became a piggy

17 feb 2014 - 1 apr 2014
  1. Once upon a time, there was a little blond girl, living with its family in the woods. Her only passion was to eat, all day. She could eat anything: worms, cakes, mud, sausages, sand, sugar, and much more.
  2. Her mom always say ,go on,eat what you want,don't afraid your body,you are so beautiful.Maybe you are confused,why does the woman courage her daughter eat so many food?
  3. You should review your writting...
  4. said the big pig to the girl. The girl was upset, she believed pigs don't study
  5. But she still eat many many foods.
  6. And she still eats eight meals an hour
  7. Her worst nightmare is that one day she will be found dead. Forced to eat till her stomach explode
  8. She often thinks about how her life might have been different if she had only stopped eating that second muffin that night
  9. But the muffin always tempt her so mush that make she thinks another muffin will not be matter.
  10. Matter! How would a muffin matter to a girl that became a piggy? Is it a piggy muffin the wolf wondered as he creeped towards the little hut deep in the gloomy woods?
  11. she didn't care about that as she thought more like a piggy in every second she stayed in that form
  12. She took a deep breath and scented something on the breeze. It smelled of dirt and mold, but in her hazy mind was also tantalizing. She went to explore, her fear temporarily forgotten.