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The Intergalactic Adventures of Odysseus Aardvark.

26 mar 2014 - 1 apr 2014
  1. "I'm so glad I moved out of my parent's basement!" Odysseus Aardvark thought as he sped through Epsilon Quadrant in his P-47 Transwarp Sports-Utility Starcraft. Suddenly, his monitor lit up like Vegas...
  2. A cold blue glow came from the screen. Words appeared, words which he was not expecting. "New Message From: Augusta".
  3. He reads the message and fall in panic Augustus said to him that his time is over and he want's to see him dead.
    Not sure what to do he goes home and close all his doors.
  4. Paranoid closed up in his house a ghost appears, and said to him:,, your time is over, do be a foul an give up" But he don't want to give up, he loved his live and want to fight for it so the battle begins.
  5. And as the battle begun, a new life was born out of the ambers of
  6. the alien but the battle was so extreme that he
  7. Had to consult in the
  8. Intergalactic guide to see if he can win the battle and get out of this mess alive
  9. "Step one," it said, "don't let the bad guys kill you." In a fit of hopelessness, he shoved the guide out the airlock and was shocked to see it flutter right into his pursuers' windshield. "Huh!" He said.