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16 feb 2014 - 28 feb 2014
  1. Now its winter, we want to see nothing but white, even in our dreams.
  2. Or on our sheets
  3. Or in our blankets, I'll let you choose
    whatever you want my dear.
  4. We could read all the night long...
    Just do me a favor, everything but "Cinderella"
  5. No problem, what would you like then? I have one novel with me. Started reading it just yesterday, "The Fault In Our Stars". Interested?
  6. sure. Did you learn any great wisdom from that book? tell me!
  7. There was this guy Augustus, the magnificent protagonist, you know, as it usually happens in the novels, and he said, "That's the thing about pain, it demands to be felt".
  8. Hence, I kicked him in the leg, while laughing
  9. Confused, he was but couldn't help but smile.