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One time at band camp...

27 mar 2014 - 1 apr 2014
  1. There were so many people.
  2. Everyone are asked to be naked in the camp.
  3. and the new ones asked "why?" then the old ones just reply with a shout "cause you have to!!!"
  4. A strong feeling of pressure to hit a novice, and even then people feel suffocated.
  5. But that was no match for Timmy the tuba player. He had been waiting for this moment sense he was little.
  6. So Timmy began to cry like a pussy.
  7. He didn't want to go there cause he was scared like a girl
  8. He walkes back, and saw back,he found two eyes looked at him.
  9. The eyes glared at him. It took a few seconds for him to realize it was the kid he beat out in the flute contest.
  10. But when he looked into the kid's eyes. He fell in love with the kid..
  11. he just want to stay with the kid and just kissing all day long...
  12. And then he realized that trumpets don't care if you kiss them, but your fellow band mates do start to look uncomfortable if you start making out with your instrument.