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One night at my school

26 mar 2014 - 31 mar 2014
  1. Tomorrow is a festival day in my school but I and my friends have not finished the place yet so we, 12 people, decide to stay at school to night to finish it.
  2. Then 12 people felt horny and began to kiss each other.
  3. But after intently kissing for what felt like an eternity, they heard a sudden thud.
  4. They were breathless. They couldn't take their eyes off of each other. But there was a second thud, louder. Someone was there. They knew they would be lectured if they were found here.
  5. But they knew if they ran, the wild goat man would catch them and rip them limb from limb.
  6. But if they do not run, they will also die too. Suddenly, one girl pushes one of her friend to the dark shadow.
  7. Then the girl turned into a wolf woman, running naked in the forest.
  8. The wind was brushing through her fur. She halted a moment, took in a deep breath of the forest air. Her nostrils were overtaken by millions of different distinctive scents. She restarted running.
  9. She kept running for hours and knew if she stopped the village people would catch her. Finally she found a tall tree and climbed it.
  10. Once at the top a flash of suddenly appeared between her and the distant stars
  11. It starts to glow a little brighter and brighter. She stops, looks at it and wonders how it has happened.
  12. Then she killed herself.
  13. She killed her other self. She killed all the wickedness and weakness that she possessed. She was now clean. She was now ready to stand on top of the world.
  14. She was excited for people to see the new her and show that she had changed so much from her old self. But in the back of her head...
  15. A purple tail was growing