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nothing be

26 mar 2014 - 5 apr 2014
  1. light in.
    seed in.
    water in.
    bowl in.
    fire in.
  2. Second gone
    Minute gone
    An hour gone
    A day gone
    A year gone
  3. Love is name sex a game forget the name an play the game.
  4. I am what I want to be
    I am a man who treat bee
    Some people interest and come by
    They see bee and they buy
  5. I don't know what to do, what to say, my breath is gone, gone away, bring me back my love , or I will lose my hope
  6. Hope is but all lost, and time as though drifting through the void that is
  7. never forgiven, never
  8. Days past, love lost, forever - not ever.
    Mistakes were made, tears were shed.
    Never forgiven, never...
  9. Let nothing be as it once was - those times have burned their wretched fuel.
    Tomorrow's sun will hold my hope,
    Uncertain, but never cruel.