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Hello World

16 feb 2014 - 25 feb 2014
  1. The world was is awe as word spread about a new gadget that the aliens had given to mankind, trusting them not to abuse its power.
  2. A feeble attempt the alines made, I must assume - for the humans where creatures with sordid curiosity
  3. Indeed.
  4. "Hello hello, I'm a unicorn with no horn"
  5. Honesty-they say it's admirable.
  6. and brought a big box wonderfully decorated with a giant pink mash. inside the box..
  7. there was something that no one would expect- a mushroom, whick looked like it's full of magic.
  8. She ate the wonderful mushroom bit by bit and soon felt the magic spreadfrom her belly through her whole body.
  9. ...hence the mushrooms, dried, already proven to be fairly potent for standard cubies, sequestered in a sort of 'holy place', awaiting consumtion on such a day as this.