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From My Dreams

15 feb 2014 - 17 feb 2014
  1. It watched me. Dark eyes containing a vast galaxy I could stare into forever.
  2. Swimming in his soul, he dancing With my heart. What a beautiful journey just With one sight.
  3. But the journey is ending. Tomorrow, the dark and sad life that he knows will come back.
  4. An unbearing darkness, had wrapped itself around his weather heart, and there was no salvation.
  5. Love is a cursed she thought. A sweet romantic but painfull cursed.
  6. To remove this curse, the only way that I know is to eat a living frog, which is eating a living worm
  7. But they musn't know, for I am not a true frog
  8. Neither a sweet prince but Who am i ?
  9. I guess nobody will ever understand my true nature. This is the