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14 feb 2014 - 20 feb 2014
  1. Nothing was fine that very day. It all started when the wind flew into the room swaying the papers from the table and scattering her notes.
  2. She had forgot to close the window, but that didn't matter to her at the time. She was too sleepy to do anything but picture herself resting in a soft bed.
  3. It was not because she was physically exhausted. But the images from the day before kept haunting her, tapping her energy. She looked at the window.
  4. She saw the shadows of the past, again and again. Two much for her sensitive soul. She cry, her tears appears in the same Time at the window like the weather is sad for her...
  5. And as it always happened windy days like these she went to the kitchen and opened a big bottle of Jack Daniels.
  6. Grasping it firmly in her small hands, she lifts the rim of the bottle to her lips and takes a sip. And then another sip. Laying it down, she looks out of the window to the empty, dark streets below her.
  7. what was that sound? she had heard it before. like a scratching noise from far away.
  8. A painfull sound, louder and louder like someone in danger asking for her help.
  9. But again it was nothing but a freezing wailing wind coming from the North
  10. Someday she would understand. At least that's what she kept telling herself. Someday.... Someone would come through that window.
  11. And with a heart filled with joy, and a smile on her lips only then will she start to believe
  12. that maybe there is hope. Hope for a better life. Hope to dream. Hope to love. Yes, maybe one day, she would be able to love.