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Don't Mind Me

16 feb 2014 - 26 feb 2014
  1. Do not mind me, for I am not true. I'm nothing but a passenger, waiting for you.
  2. Do not lie to me,for I will know it. I can be nothing but a man who loves you.
  3. Trust and truth are the ying and the yang of love. Say me the sordid truth but do not lie to me.
  4. An my heart does not beat, and as always I will repeat; nothing but a hideous beast
  5. For the first time in forever I can hear my voice clear I can feel how I'm angry and hungry.
  6. I can see the world
  7. The sky is so dark I can't see any sunshine
  8. Despite the weather I feel fine,
  9. It may be cold and rainy, but I've got to stay positive.