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A lovely dog

15 feb 2014 - 26 mar 2014
  1. I have a lovely dog and I love it very much
  2. But I'm not sure, if it loves me, especially when I touch.
  3. One day it stars to talk to me.
  4. Its first word is WANG!
  5. Its second word si CHANG !
  6. I do not know this word. CHO CHANG?
  7. Woo, CHO CHANG .Although I do not know, I believe that it must be a bug.
  8. And excuse me, Im little confused
    Wasn't it dog thad we choosed?
  9. have imagination plz kid
  10. He's sexy like a frog.
  11. One day ,he meet a beautiful girl.
  12. Her name was Aviva, with a Jewish curl
  13. The curl is brown and include the brow
  14. He was fall in love with this girl.
  15. Nobody like her in the whole world
  16. But she loves herself.
  17. Almost as much as Dory her pet octopus
  18. And this is story my lovely dog found in the bush.