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A conversation between a man and a girl.

26 mar 2014 - 7 apr 2014
  1. "Don't waste your breath trying to convince me, Ai." said Alistair.
  2. Why??? Because of that guy???
  3. Which guy tell us more? Probably we can help you with our experiences? Or is this is really just a story with a confusing beginning?
  4. The beginning is confusing but isn't a love story always confusing at the beginning ?
  5. And at the end? And in the middle? And all parts in between? It's immaterial though as the mind and sense are always held hostage by the heart in all matters involving love and this was no exception.
  6. I don't want to see you.
  7. "So you don't care about me anymore?"
  8. Ok.....relax. We will talk about that later. I'll call you tonight.
  9. Äh ok, you can tray it out so let's finish this :)
    What happens to you?
    What's about with "this guy" you wrote about?
  10. (Is this a story or just a chatting experience ? ;) )
    I guess life didn't spare me. That guy promised me so much and then vanished as if our love wasn't even real.
  11. As if our love child wasn't real. He might be able to pretend none of this meant anything right now, but let's see him maintain his emotionless facade after this. Life didn't spare me, so I'm not sparing...
  12. I stopped short in the middle of my internal rant.
  13. And have no idea what should I do anymore.
  14. Everything I do seem to be wrong.
  15. And yet it feels so right! My instincts are consistently wrong about everything. I might as well try the Costanza method...
  16. Or the Twinkle method, for that matter. But, I know these things cannot be forced, and what will be, will be. I can forge ahead on my own for the time being.
  17. ...............
  18. see u