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A cat's life with a dog.

15 feb 2014 - 17 aug 2014
  1. There is a cat living with a dog.
  2. Her name is Kate Underfoot and his name is Dan McBone.
  3. They liked each other
  4. Although we know that they are cat and dog,it is just people”s view. They thought
    they are same species
  5. Why do they walk with only two legs.
    Why don't they like eating mice!
  6. After thinking about this,one day ,they did.
  7. The cat is different in some way,
    and the dog is the ordinary kind.
  8. When you look at the dog, you immediately notice the eyes. The cat is missing something.
  9. why cat's missed something and the dog cares about it?
  10. Actually the dog does not care at all.
  11. but the cat had always be so playful with him so the dog had to do it anyway.
  12. So the dog waited until the humans had gone to bed, and with strength and leverage the cat did not possess, he opened the fridge and pushed the cat food into the floor. The cat devoured it, purring.
  13. For himself, the dog fancied some marinading steaks on the second shelf. He pulled them out and proceeded to feast, together with the cat, by the glow and hum of the refrigerator.
  14. “ U
  15. Yes, certainly.