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27 mar 2014 - 1 apr 2014
  1. 写下一行
  2. 草泥马。
  3. She couldn't read it. She had to know what was written here. She went back home and tried to call Lee. He had to come over and help her understand it.
  4. But after Lee come, even he don't understand what those words mean. So they both commit suicide at that night.
  5. and everyone's was looking for then desperately for then in the morning until they find the both dead bodies
  6. Then, all of a sudden, "then" became "them" as if by magic...or some miraculous software known only as...auto correct
  7. What the hell is that?
  8. Is that him? Look for it!
  9. And then I saw it: the tattoo of a one on his neck that proved him to be a member of the assassins that were hunting me. And all I could do was run.